Sunday, July 22, 2007

in the Land of Lincoln

*Kitty Kelly performed on a large wooden globe, walking it up and down a teeter totter while convincing doves to perch on her outstretched arms>>>>>>>

Well yes, I have enjoyed the Land of Lincoln! Since Wednesday, I've been touring around to different and historic homes and farms around Petersburg, and learning about the rich and influential history of the circus here.

From the late 1800s up until the early 1900s, Petersburg served as the home-base for many travelling circus performers and their families. Trapeeze artists, clowns, jugglers, trick-horse-riders, acrobats and animal trainers would spend the winter inside a large ring barn, run by the The Kelly Brothers and Family (Amanda's great grandparents!).

I've had the priviledge to hear old stories about the Kellys and the magical history of this area from their descendents, who have been treating me like one of the family here at their annual family reunion.....

so, today I head off to Chicago and then on to Houston where I'll spend the night in the airport and head for Guadalajara city on Monday morning, where I'll travel out to meet my friends at Galeria Perdida for a special project.........onward!

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